Here is the news

BONG! Good to hear that the bridge across the Itchen river near Bishopstoke has been repaired. This was the subject of a previous post and spoilt a good walk with my Pammy.

BONG! Rain forecast for every day this week, though to different degrees. Best time tomorrow looks like after midday, while Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each look like having one or two showers here and there. Can’t promise myself that I’m not going to get wet whenever I go out.

BONG! Hayling Island looks a good bet for one of those days, parking in the north part of the island, walking down to and along the seafront and then back up a much more circuitous route to the starting point. Circuitous is one of my most favourite words, unfortunately not in the 100 Most Beautiful Words in English: see I do agree with mellifluous, almost onomatopaeic!

BONG! Ok, rambling on a bit now, so what is the distinction between rambling, walking and hiking, a question I was unable to answer with supreme confidence when posed to me just before the break from work. Well, intensive (what is the difference between that and intense?) research has provided me with the inside line here on these and other apparent synonyms:
ambling: walking, in no hurry
rambling: wandering around in a general direction
walking: going from A to B (a general word covering all these more specific definitions)
Nordic walking: going from A to B energetically, swinging the arms while holding long pointy sticks
speed walking: as Nordic walking, but without sticks, often at a faster pace than the bus in rush hour traffic
hiking: tramping long trails, normally off-road, the main purpose to be to “at one with nature” and breathe in fresh air
hitch-hiking: hiking and cheating at the same time.

I suppose I do all those except the last one. So walking it is then.

BONG! And finally, I couldn’t find the remote control for ages yesterday. When I eventually found it, under the sofa, Pammy said, “it’s always the last place you look”. Yeah, right, I tend to stop looking once I’ve found it.


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