Good news on my OBE in New Year’s Honours List!

It’s been a very good year for me and recognition has come over the last few months on a few fronts, one of which is my work in disclosure control* and an external academic data user did comment that I deserved an OBE. Well, in disclosure control, it is often said that no news is good news and there has been no news (and therefore good news) of an OBE. Even if there had, I would have been sworn to secrecy until the official announcement in the New Year. However, there is nothing to stop one saying that they haven’t received an honour. If everybody did that, we could disclose by differencing those that had. Time for me to remind myself that I need to switch off from work over these two weeks.

One thing I have really enjoyed this year is writing for this blog, and to have over a hundred views (105, to be precise) on one particular day was amazing. I don’t take too much stock on numbers of views, though safe to say if there were none I wouldn’t bother writing any more. Interesting though that a post made about a battle against depression should receive so much traffic. Let’s see if today’s, with an admittedly rather misleadingly positive title, can match that. If not, I can only surmise that people prefer to read about gloom rather than less negative stuff!

Today’s walk – an uneventful 15.5 miles. Not the weather recently to get much off-road work in but today it is pleasantly and surprisingly sunny. I realised that the base layer has about four walks in it before it needs washing, so I would guess that means three are needed for the long walk. Still plenty of evidence of the blowing about earlier in the week with the odd tree lying across the pavement, one of which caused a snag on my trousers and ripped a pocket. I barely noticed it until I heard my coins dropping onto the ground. The end of the walk had me stinging in some rather nasty places and reminded me to have Vaseline (note that other petroleum jelly products are available) in my first aid kit.


* A shameless plug here: Happy to sign any copies bought!


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