Busy doing stuff, busy doing nothing

Two friends have very kindly sorted out accommodation for me, one in Somerset and one in the North. I just have to make the final arrangements with the owners. That needs to be done in the morning before I let it drift for too long and miss my chance.

Afternoon? Well, depends on the weather. If the rain clears, I could just have a wander around for about 12 miles. I’ve said that the weather is no longer an excuse now I have my waterproofs but this is, er, an excuse. For the last time until the next time. Or I could just watch tv. Or get a Hitchcock off the shelf. Finish reading my current read, Ted McMinn’s autobiography (what do you mean, you’ve never heard of him?). Listen to footie. Watch Strictly. So could be a lazy-ish day. After four months without a proper break from work, I am happy to be boring for once (or as usual, some would say).

Sunday is certainly a walking day. Weather doesn’t look at all bad. Decent distance on the cards despite being the shortest day. Enjoy my final day in the 40s.

Monday – birthday. It’s become a tradition for the three of us to go for a meal at lunchtime on my birthday. We’ve done Chiquittos for the last few years because we all like Mexican food but we might taco break from that, only nacho we should try somewhere else. We could look around as long as it’s not too chilli. Days getting longer now.

Tuesday – Decide what to do on Tuesday morning. Anything other than anything to do with C*****mas, if I can help it.



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