11 places to look forward to seeing…..

…..on my walk. Not necessarily the greatest highlights package, but some of the milestones.

  1. Land’s End. The very start. Getting the photo taken by the famous signpost  – forget the 874 miles to John O’Groats. No-one could walk it safely in much less than a thousand. My current plan is 1,038. Once I get the start out of the way and get on my way, the reality will dawn on me, but it will be pure adrenaline on that first day. Unless it’s chucking it down.
  2. St.Ives. The end of the first day. Accommodation is in the middle of the town, somewhere close to here.  It sounds strange but it will just be a relief to start and get through the first day, hopefully in good weather. The first real test will be on the first time it rains all day, particularly if I am off main roads, so I am really hoping for decent weather on the whole in the first two weeks.
  3. Boscastle. Pam and I had one of our first holidays together very close to there and we loved Boscastle. However, since that time, the village was devastated by floods in 2004. I hope it looks and feels like this  rather than this
  4. Bath. Reaching here will be the culmination of around 68 miles in 3 days, the most concentrated spell of walking in the 73 days. I know if I can get here and I don’t feel too bad, I will gain so much confidence. Bath is a lovely city, one of our favourites and I would expect Pammy to visit me here!  Oops – wrong bath. No…here:  Two weeks down the road now.
  5. Ashbourne.  A small beautiful Derbyshire market town on the edge of the Peak District. Pammy and I went there during one of our holidays a few years ago and loved it.
  6. Settle. After a long trudge up country, I pass through the beautiful village of Settle.   Unfortunately it is in the middle of a 23 mile walk from Hawes to Soulby, but which also marks the start of the second half of the walk. At some point I will be walking up the side of the lovely River Ribble.  This promises to be one of the nicest walks of the whole trip, if one of the longest. But by this time it will be late March and the days will now almost be as long as the nights, so an early start would allow me to enjoy the day, even if my feet and knees might not.
  7. Greenhead. Close to Hadrian’s Wall. Getting very close to Scotland now and won’t see England for over a month.   Some of Hadrian’s Wall has crumbled away due to the number of tourists, but I hope to see some of it in good condition.
  8. Lockerbie. Pretty much never heard of outside Scotland until late 1988 and the Lockerbie disaster. An internet search for photos of Lockerbie uncovered hundreds upon hundreds of disaster photos and only a few of the town as it stands today, but it will be only right to show my respects.
  9. Loch Ness. 23 miles long. Should be some of the most scenic times. Could be some spectacular views like these:

File:Loch Ness Panorama.png  , but probably not this:

10. Inverness. Reaching here for my final rest day, with around 120 miles to go. Depending on how I feel, I might take the opportunity to visit Inverness Castle.
11. John O’Groats. I know there will be people there to meet me! Ready to go home and get my feet sorted out. I’ll have this view on the final straight:  After reaching there and having the palaver, photos and congratulations etc., I need to walk a further mile or two to the very most north east point!

5 thoughts on “11 places to look forward to seeing…..

  1. Dunno what your route through scotland is planned to be Keith, but I reckon there are better highlights – be ready to be amazed!!!!

  2. Thanks Mark -I’m really looking forward to Scotland in particular. I’ll be coming up the west side: Annandale Way and Clyde Walkway to Glasgow and then West Highland Way and Great Glen Way. Hopefully, I’ll see you in or around Glasgow? I have accommodation sorted there so don’t worry about that!

    • Hi Keith – when exactly are you planning to be in the Glasgow environs – I’d love to come walk with you for a bit – and if you have a rest day nearby I’m sure we could feed you, wash clothes, show you the sights stuff like that! You’ve picked a good route though – the West highland way is nice (though I prefer to be on the hill tops myself!) and the Great Glen is also beautiful!

      • Hi Mark
        I’m in Motherwell on Saturday 5 April and have a relatively short day on the Sunday – up the Clyde Walkway to Glasgow (10.5 miles). Monday 7 April is a rest day! Tuesday 8 April is the first on the West Highland Way up to Drymen. Would be great to see you and walk on one of those days. Thanks, Keith.

  3. OK – that would work…I’m around and it’s the university holidays I think….I might join you for some of the west Highland Way ….never really had an incentive to do it..I .mostly go and do wild walks when I have time off!! And if you’d like us to meet up with you on your rest day we could do that – can also do washing, feed you etc if you’d like. I’ll pm you my mobile number and we can sort something!

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