8:25pm and a shedload of stuff

Feeling as rough as a sheet of sandpaper after a heavy night on the tiles. Definitely bed before too long. No cricket tonight in the night. Could barely eat a jacket potato with cheese, too much cheese if I’m honest.

Must improve my diet. I eat well, my five pieces of fruit most days, but I also eat too much rubbish, mostly in the form of chocolate. I don’t think it’s that that can make me ill or down, but it certainly can slow down recovery. No more than one chocolate bar a day from now on, no more than two cups of coffee and a minimum of three pieces of fruit (even on non-work days). Cut down on the bread and a touch more protein. I don’t smoke and barely drink anyway. Think positive, think positive. Actually, it’s “positively” but I’m not going to beat myself up over grammar – just for once.

Oh, bad grammar and poor English, you’ve got me started. No, actually I got myself started. My pet hates:

  • the data is. No, the singular is ‘datum’, ‘data’ is are plural. Repeat after me 100 times, “the data are”;
  • a bunch of ____. Unless they are bananas, fives, grapes or coconuts, it is unlikely that ‘bunch’ is the appropriate word. So please feel free to roll your eyes or tut when you hear ‘bunch of tables’, ‘bunch of questions’ or anything else.
  • shedload. How much is a ‘shedload’? Is it the amount of whatever it is that you can pack into a shed? And exactly what size is this shed? What about a shedload of sheds? I suppose that’s just the one, then. How much is a shedload of money? I gather that it’s this much….. http://www.tigersheds.com/garden-resources/post/2010/07/08/Have-you-ever-wondered-exactly-how-much-a-e28098shedloade28099-actually-is.aspx
  • less people. It’s fewer, fewer, FEWER! If the quantity is a discreet countable amount, it is fewer. Fewer sugar cubes, less sugar.
  • your, you’re. Enough said. If you do’nt no the difference, go back to school.
  • One sentence split into two. Which is a stupid thing to do.

I think I need a holiday with less people around. And a birthday, a bunch of presents, and Bob’s you’re uncle. A shedload of greetings to everyone. Pyjamas out, nightcap on, toothpaste on toothbrush, brush brush brush, zzzzzz.



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