Chinese Ranting

A long day at the office, meetings pretty much solid from 9:15 to 5:30 and then a fire alarm at a quarter to six, with me shivering in the cold with just a shirt (and trousers, obviously). So back home at about half six and really fancying a Chinese as reward for such hard graft. So a short drive to Park Gate and I was amazed to find nowhere to park. I’ve never seen the street so packed with cars – I thought there must be a book signing by J.K. Rowling going on. Ah no, it was Park Gate Carol Service – ah, Christmas again. Not only were proper parking spaces taken up but road space occupied too, not making it the easiest journey, also avoiding stray kids whose parents were more interested in ensuring their scarves and hats looked sufficiently seasonal.

I went round the block a couple of times before settling for parking a couple of streets away and walking back to the Chinese. There were three cars parked in the ‘Customers Only’ spots but just one person in the takeaway. The staff were complaining, some in rather aggressive terms, about drivers parking in the designated spots and then going off to the Carol Service. These people – they’re supposed to be going to a Christian service – people supposedly practising good moral values? I don’t go to church but I like to think I try to do the right thing, be good to others and be considerate of others’ needs.

What’s that? Forgiveness? All right, have my parking space, no, tell you what, have the car….. It’s not as if I do that much walking anyway.

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