One in a million

I felt great at work today thanks to a young woman, whom I had helped, telling me I was “one in a million”. I’m sure that was meant as high praise indeed, but that does mean there are around 7,000 people in the world the same as me and even over 50 in England. So actually quite common. That makes our census disclosure control method so much more sensible, or perhaps pointless. If I’m special, yet there are 50 of me, what about those people who are not as special as me? No-one could be certain who anybody was in any table. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, see All my own work, or at least mine and that of a number of really fantastic people who have worked with me, god bless ’em, and I’ve been so lucky with them too. I do love my work, really I do – just remind me of that when I’m next moaning in the office.


73 days to go before the walk that will take 73 days. Keep the donations coming in.

or text to 70070 : SACC63 followed the amount you wish  to donate, e.g. SACC63 1000000. Even if you don’t have a million pounds, any amount will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks – with a hug and wishing you a good evening.


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