My left foot and other animals

A very achy foot after my 20 miles today. Plenty of undulating roads but the main problem appears to come with pavements that slope so that each time my foot plants itself there is a pressure on the ankle. Added to that a couple of dogs were showing more interest than usual in me and that may have been down to me wearing these walking trousers for a fourth walking day, and the emerging salt sweat marks could have been a sign that the pooches’ nostrils were detecting nasty niffs. Into the wash basket you must go, e-i-e-i-e-i-o…..

Today was always going to be the joy of three live matches on the radio, and these were entertaining enough. First the mid-table clash between Tottenham and Man United and, with both sides well clear of the relegation spots, they played with sufficient freedom for my Fantasy League goalkeeper Lloris only to to pick up a single point in a 2-2 draw. Liverpool lost 3-1 to Hull, prompting the inevitable “Rodgers Out” caller on 6-0-6 phone in later. Finally, Southampton dominated a half at Chelsea, but the home side came back to win 3-1 and I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or just be indifferent as my new signing and 5%er John Terry scored the decisive goal. My most profitable game was Man City’s 3-0 win with Nasri scoring twice. And to think he was nearly sacrificed this morning.

There was an amusing moment which was a sign of the digital times as Southampton scored after 13 seconds, and while I heard the goal on my old radio, I passed a pub where the big screen was showing the game just about to kick off! In hindsight, I should have rushed in and gave the game away to all those boozers in waist straining Saints shirts.

Oh my goodness, as it got dark, so many Christmas lights everywhere. What possesses all these people to do it? Ok, rewind, I’ve done this rant before.

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