Challenge: How many?

There is a spate lately of Challenges in Facebook “How many…… of these films have you seen? of these countries have you visited? etc etc.

So this is a special “How many of these things have you done?” I have done all of them, though they might not be anything to be proud of!

Have you ever….

  1. failed your driving test twice
  2. crashed a car at the age of 4 years old
  3. been hit in the goolies at cricket when you haven’t been wearing a box
  4. stuck a garden fork through your foot
  5. landed head first after bouncing off a springboard in the school gym
  6. realised you’ve forgotten your passport when you’re at the airport
  7. played bridge continuously for 24 hours
  8. played darts continuously for 24 hours (that was for charity)
  9. collapsed in the street while out running (turned my ankle on the kerb edge and injured my Achilles – not able to run for 4 weeks)
  10. got a nose bleed from being head butted while doing the hokey cokey at a party
  11. got sunburnt in December
  12. been in a boat that sank in a river with crocodiles
  13. worn your son’s pyjama shorts to work thinking they were your underpants
  14. forgotten to pack any footwear and so had to wear your wedding shoes for the entire time on your honeymoon
  15. wished you’d never embarked on an impossible physical task (e.g. walking a thousand miles)

Just kidding on the last one. Preparations continue – I’ve at least arranged / agreed transport back from John O’Groats and have some very committed family and friends who are really going to help. Blimey, I’m going to need all the support I can get. At least work appears to be sorting itself out with responsibilities being arranged and knowledge transfer. My worry is that, while I’m away, those people will do a better job than I would have and I will be exposed as a fraud!

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