Blogging in for duty

Thanks for the loads of supporting comments I’ve been receiving, quite often at what non-statisticians would call ‘random’ moments. Pretty much every work meeting includes some comment or encouragement either before, after or during proceedings. It is all very much appreciated.

A few anonymous donations – please let me know who you are, if only for me to thank you. I’m up to £2,579.70, over halfway to my target and far beyond what I was expecting at this stage. Just recently, there have been a few asking if they can walk with me, for a day. I’m really happy with that, but be expected to walk anything between 12 and 23 miles at a reasonable pace, possibly with just a half an hour break. If you are a real star, you would carry my bag for an hour! Anyone who is interested, please ask me for an itinerary (ooooh) that is subject to change.

It does puzzle me ‘what works’ in a blog – I’m very new to this and posts that I think would be really popular are receiving relatively little reaction compared to others, such as yesterday’s, that I considered a bit dull and self-indulgent, if anything. What works appears to be content that is either vulnerable, self-deprecating and (sometimes) humorous, though what I find humorous may not always tickle others’ armpits. Looking at the websites that give tips for new bloggers, one of those is to have a rant every now and again. 82 days to go now, plenty of days to fill. Happy for people to give me blog topics – and I will do my best to write something interesting and entertaining. I’m not quite the Paul Merton ad-libber of blogging but I’ll give it a try!

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