Well, not exactly. But I was looking at my blog stats this morning – I don’t get too worked up about anything in that vein, but one of the features is a thematic map with countries coloured according to the number of views. My blog has been viewed from 11 different countries so far – I could explain most of them, but Oman or Malta? If you’re reading this from either of those, er, hello, and I hope you’re enjoying my ramblings. If any of you go to some far off country, even those just in Europe, feel free to view and therefore colour in another area on my map. Particularly if you go to Russia or Greenland, because they’re big!


2 thoughts on “Viral

    • This is proving difficult. But these are the total views by country:

      United Kingdom 800
      United States 30
      Saint Helena 21
      Malta 12
      New Zealand 9
      Canada 7
      Netherlands 2
      Oman 1
      Ireland 1
      Australia 1
      France 1

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