Super Soccer Sunday

Decent long walk needed tomorrow, about 16 miles I would say. Sunday walking almost always means listening to footie on the radio with the emphasis very much on Fantasy Football. Been doing pretty well lately and a few more decent points today from a couple of goals from Luis Suarez and two clean sheets from three defenders. Tomorrow is a bumper footie fest:

  • 12 noon. Tottenham v Newcastle. Goalie Lloris likely to be fit (given he was apparently fit 5 minutes after being knocked unconscious last week) and midfielder Townsend is also in my line-up. Ben Arfa has been transferred out after my Newcastle United scout advised me that he is likely to be benched for a few games.
  • 2:05pm. Sunderland v Man City. Aguero has been co-instrumental in my rise up the table and Nasri is in now for Ben Arfa. Good chance of a few points here.
  • 4:10pm. Man Utd v Arsenal. Only Ferdinand is represented in my team from the home side and Ramsey and Giroud have been decent scorers for me so far.
  • There is also the Swansea v Stoke game, but I have no players in that one. It is typical of Fantasy Football managers to hope that none of the other key players score well, but I’m not sure there are any in any case involved in this match, with Michu injured. So don’t care, won’t care.

So check batteries in the radio. Weather looks set fair and these are often really good days for walking good distances – the footie can take my mind off any aches and pains, though that is not always the case if Pompey are playing. I shouldn’t be too daring since I am still breaking in my new walking boots. 16 miles will be just right. Read on tomorrow just in case I managed more.

Maybe there should be Fantasy Walking. How would the scoring go? 2 points for a mile, minus 3 points for every blister, ok that wouldn’t work, I’ve run out of ideas already.



One thought on “Super Soccer Sunday

  1. 3 points for full sun, -2 for sunburn, -1 for every period of rain, 1 point for every robin you see, 2 points for every reciprocal hello, 3 points for seeing a yellow car, -20 for abuse related to pompey….I am sure there can be more!

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