On what to blog?

A blog a day keeps bedtime away. I’ll be doing this most days until into May and there will be some times I will get writer’s block, rather than writer’s blog. To help me today, the quizmaster for 16 November has given me a few questions that are deemed not quite of the quality required – sometimes because he’s used them before. So try these (answers tomorrow):

What are the next lyrics of the following songs:

  • Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love….. [Steve Miller Band; next 5 words?]
  • Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song, And I’ll…….. [Beatles; next 7 words?]
  • An old man turned ninety-eight,  He won the lottery and died the next day…… [Alanis Morrisette; next 7 words?]

What is the only U.S. state name that can be typed using just one row of letters on a standard QWERTY keyboard?

Which city in the world is the furthest from any other city?

Which country is split into four municipalities and a national park, the municipalities being Sermersooq, Kujalleq, Qeqqata and Qaasuitsup?

The San Marino national football team has only ever won one game, beating whom in a friendly match on 28 April 2004?

Fuleco, the official mascot for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is what type of animal?

Which actress in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001) was quoted as saying that she only took her role because “I’ve always wanted pointy ears”?

The first motorist to be fined for speeding in the UK was Walter Arnold in 1896. At what speed (in mph) was he travelling?


If you are interested in taking part and forming a team for the Charity Quiz night, see https://spiceboy80.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/charity-quiz-night-16-november/.


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