Dreams (won’t come true)

However stressed I got or get about work, I cannot remember ever dreaming about work. I did have some strange dreams a couple of years ago, but for many, many years I have had a couple of recurring themes. One concerns me skipping off school or lessons, and they are almost always French classes, which is strange since that was always one of my best and favourite school subjects, slightly unusual for a boy, I know. The other is one in which I am travelling home and I always have to change trains or buses at the same places, neither places that I recognise from real life.

But just recently I have had a couple of dreams related to walking. In the first, around three weeks ago, I arrived at a B&B and found that there were no vacancies. Despite me producing a receipt for an on-line booking, I am turned away and walk a bit further until I find another one down a cul-de-sac. The place is empty apart from the owner, who strikes me as a bit creepy. In the second dream, I go into a pub for lunch and witness a fight between some locals. It has the same layout as the pub where there was a fight in “Young and Innocent”, and yes, the former dream is reminiscent of “Psycho”.

I know I have had a fixation with Hitchcock for a few years now, but this has struck me a bit out of the blue. I’m now wondering whether tonight I will dream of being accused of being a spy, go on the run and then be dive bombed by a crop duster. Or perhaps be attacked by a load of birds as I go up the stairs, or maybe talk to an old woman on a train, only to find her completely vanish.

Is there anyone out there who can interpret dreams? I hope there’s not something very Freudian about all this.

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