Free wifey on offer

My mind turned to charity today as the biggest of my four big sisters came round (with partner Dave and elder son Antony in tow) and we had tea and scones with jam and clotted cream. Used a tea set that we actually received as a wedding present 21 years ago – only used for special occasions – and since it was Joy’s *!@th (actually her *!@rd) birthday today it was just perfect. They came bearing a great selection of things for raffle prizes, some donated by my parents, whom they had visited earlier.

Interest in the charity quiz on 16th November is picking up. Need to get the quizmaster’s ass into gear to finish off the final touches to that quiz but Pammy and our neighbour Lorna are doing a great job making the arrangements for that night; sounds like they have plans for two more events – bingo in the New Year and some event or other after I return from my jaunt.

Selecting a charity was fairly straightforward after I’d talked to my niece Lorraine who had lost a baby in pregnancy. She suggested SANDS and, with two full years before I was due to start, I let a few people know. My Just Giving page has been open since February, one year prior to the start, and I have had some great support. There were other charities that I thought about supporting, notably Multiple Sclerosis Society and British Heart Foundation, due to connections with close work colleagues, but they are very well known charities and do attract a lot of support anyway. If you would like to donate, ok, ok, I’ve given you the details already, there’s plenty of time blah blah blah. 

A humorous moment during a telephone conversation with a potential B&B when the owner, with a heavy Scottish accent, assured me that I would have free “wifey” during my stay. Took me a moment to realise what he was trying to say. Or maybe…..

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