Walking in the snow?

Off next Saturday 26th to present at a conference in Ottawa. With Sunday a free day before the start of the conference, I am thinking about having a decent walk there. Of course, there’s the local street map, checking if there any no-go areas (ok, it’s not Miami, but better to check) and it all looks promising. Until a casual look at the weather forecast….3 degrees, and I don’t mean of the “when will I see you again” variety, and snow. Great!

Anyway, tomorrow looks like a walking day though some patchy rain is forecast. That’s just too bad – I’ve just got to get on with it. Need to buy some proper waterproofs soon. I guess the plural of waterproof is waterproofs and not waterprooves. But that’s not consistent with hoof, half, calf, thief, shelf, scarf but it is with roof, brief, chief, reef, grief. Ok, only the pedants among us care but, believe me, it is important.

My cold is just about gone but still just a few sniffs and snorts here and there after almost two weeks. At least I’m now finding it too hard to do any Barry White impressions. And I can’t do Eartha Kitt any more, not at her age in any case. Time to sign off for the night, methinks, this is getting a bit weird, or is it weird. The former. Oh, the latter has been autocorrected.


2 thoughts on “Walking in the snow?

  1. Hey Keith, out in Ottawa now, will pick up a map for you…..temp here is not too cold, and sunny….also can give u some restaurant tips!

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