Very superstitious – writing’s on the wall

When people heard I was intending to undertake this journey, there were generally very similar questions they asked:

  • how far is that?
  • which way are you going?
  • what charity?

The first two were straightforward, though the first does not have an actually static number but is somewhere between 1,000 and 1,050 miles. There is always the chance of a diversion or shortcut to alter that. The last question was more difficult and it did take me some time for me to choose. Most people have ‘favourite’ charities but I hadn’t. I had a superstition that if there was a charity collector outside the ground when Pompey played, I would always give something – mostly so that any influential superior being would look kindly on me and my team in those moments of deflected shots that might hit the post and go in rather than come out, referees might develop a nervous tic and whistle in our favour or that the grass might just allow the ball to bounce just that bit differently for us to win. Of course, that was all rubbish, I know it now, though I do remain extremely superstitious. Get these (and they are all real and current):

  • I will always open a bag or tin from the ‘wrong’ end, if that is possible
  • In the shower I will always wash my body parts in exactly the same order every time (shampoo first and wash that out, then shower gel left arm, torso, back etc., finishing with right arm)
  • If I am home and Pompey are losing, I will always do some housework (normally washing up) to help them score
  • I will always wear blue socks (or at least with some blue) on days Pompey are playing
  • The last item of drying up has to be a piece of cutlery rather than crockery
  • If I eat a meal with fried eggs, the last thing I eat in the whole meal is(are) the egg yolk(s)

Absolutely no rhyme nor reason to any of these. And this post has rambled from what was intended as the main topic (charity) to another (superstition), which I guess is now for another day. I’m sure I will develop new superstitions when I go on my walk, they’re almost like a crutch for me in getting through life. Bonkers, I know, but I bet there isn’t one person out there who doesn’t have at least one little superstition somewhere in their life.

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