A skate down to the sea and back

People who have talked to me about walking will know that I actually prefer road walking to scenic footpaths. It’s easier to navigate, for one thing, and I don’t find it so harsh on the knees and ankles. However, today I saw the other side to that. It was sufficiently cool to have a hoodie on top of the base shirt and my Pompey hoodie was ok, particularly as I was walking to the east rather than the west. But as I was approaching Fareham, more Pompey than Southampton territory I thought, a car slowed and a woman, with more bottle than real blonde and a more impressive frontage than was her face, leant out of the passenger side window and shouted, “f*** off you skate”. With that, they sped off, before I could inform her that her roots needed a bit of attention. Well, charming. That apart, it was a fairly routine 19 miles, if that distance can indeed be routine. Despite stopping off for a beverage at Caffe Nero (other coffee outlets were available) I felt thirsty halfway down to Lee on Solent and must have been hallucinating by the fact that I saw petrol prices at 120-something rather than 130-something. I realise now that there is a phoney petrol price war between the big supermarkets, but it’s all a bit handbags given the petrol pump protests of 2001 took place with prices reaching about 80p per litre. From the time I remember driving home back from football in Portsmouth at precisely 56 miles per hour all the way along the motorway, apparently the optimum speed for petrol consumption.

Tesco Express (other outlets were available) and a sugar free drink (buy 1 get 1 free) – I couldn’t go wrong. Can’t say my socks protected my feet too well today, and my soles are a little tender. Listening to footie does take my mind off that sort of irritation and new signing Luis Suarez picked up a couple of goals for my Fantasy Football team. At least it’s not Robbie Savage on 6-0-6. Liverpool won so it’s full of “We’re going to win the league” rather than “No disrespect to [insert other club], but we should be beating [same said club]”. Ok, I’ve drifted off the walking nature of this blog. It’s so unlike me to digress from the point……


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