A bridge too far gone

The plan was to walk from Swaythling to Winchester along the Itchen Way, very much following the River Itchen for most of the walk. Pammy decided to walk with me, park at Swaythling Station, walk up to Winchester, both of us take the train back and then she would drive home while I would walk back home from Swaythling to Sarisbury.

It all went to plan…..for a couple of hours. We even went about 40 minutes without seeing another human being – we could have done anything there and then and no-one would be any the wiser. However, we needed to conserve our energy for the walking, so any plans for debauchery went by the way, but when we found that a bridge on the route had somehow disintegrated, the choice was to wade across the river or to turn around. Quite a bit of mulling this dilemma over ended with us turning back and coming off the Itchen Way at Bishopstoke Road. A swift coffee and sandwich in Eastleigh and then down Wide Lane to Swaythling Station. At that point Pammy took the car and I took the road and a not very direct route home, the circuitous angles taken on a whim as I approached each corner. A total of 20 miles for me, decent enough given the disappointment of the bridge.


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